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Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow fun

Sometimes you just start to think "I should destroy the kitchen and fling sprinkles and chocolate over every surface!" It completely worked ... kitchen is covered, but there are tasty treats to enjoy ha.  The original tutorial is >here<  This time around I squashed the graham crackers by hand, it definitely lends to more of a s'more texture when the cookies are chunky.  I would definitely recommend this little treat if you are in a bind for something to bring to a party.  They are quick, easy, cheap, and on a platter they pack some bang appearance wise.

These are the extra large marshmallows.  I used sprinkles, almonds, graham crackers and coconut.  Pretty much any topping would be delicious.  Oh wow! What if you dipped marshmallows in white chocolate and then rolled it in a little cinnamon?  Add to a normal cup of hot chocolate and that would be the best drink ever!

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  1. Omg!!! Those look beyond delicious! And they're so clever!