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BUY or DIY - Inspired DIY Fashion

Being able to make your own clothes is the best right?! True until you realize you have no patience to sew.

Fix that with these easy to make high fashion items that will totally vamp any outfit.

These 24 items are perfect for the upcycler or DIYer who is ready to create something cute and quick.

Bookmark this page and get to creating a glam look, at a fraction of the price! 

Prefer to buy? No worries, the links are provided for the originals too!

I found the most stylish items of the season so that you can BUY or DIY! These projects should be easy and hopefully you can make a lot of them from your craft remnants box! 

Get to making :) 

I love this sweater from ModCloth! Just when I think I've seen all the cute ideas available to redo a sweater Modcloth surprises with this sweet, subtle rainbow design. Get it from Modcloth here or buy some multi colored rainbow buttons here.

With this DIY you can quickly turn any old pair of pants into something special. Pick some different color thread to add something unique to your jeans. 

If you're not sure how to sew around the crotch area without sealing it shut haha, just stop by your upper thigh. You can even stencil shapes or flowers if you're feeling extra adventurous. 

3. Heart Cardigan

These hearts are sequined but omg they would absolutely achieve the same effect. Along with these heart buttons, you can make this look in a snap. Just grab some thread and an iron. You can snag the heart cardigan at Modcloth or DIY! I think this is really the ultimate!

4. Studded Velvet Hair Tie

If you have a stud setter this is the perfect item to practice your skills on. If you want a bunny ear velvet scrunchie get it here! If not, any wider scrunchie would work.

Patches are the easiest way to make any plain sweater special. This embroidered dino patch is perfect! Not in the mood to DIY? Snagit at Modcloth.

Are you in love with these cute sneakers!? You can add rhinestone embellishment to any old sneaker or snag a new pair, I love these satin reeboks but any shoe would work. 

You could remake this jacket with a number of different animals and it would completely change the whole feel of the outfit. Imagine a red zip up bomber with birds instead! 

To get the original look these king cobra patches will be perfect. Add any extra colors using permanent markers. 

8. Tuk Kitty Cat Flats 

These cute flats would be easily made with just a little bit of white puff paint or sewn if the cloth is thin enough. Whether it's Tuk Kitty Cat Flats or DIY your outfit will definitely get compliments.

Make this yourself with some faux pearls! Simply cut the collar off a sweater and reattach it with strands of pearls. Easy peasy and a far cry from almost $890 if you DIY.

This sweater from HM could easily be turned into your own pearly creation.

Use the extra pearls and make the shoes below!

10. Stunner Embellished Strappy Sandal 

Leith brand has done it again, these have great reviews on Nordstrom. If you have some old sandals laying around try glueing a few strips of velvet ribbon that you've sewn pearls on. I love unexpected details, add a little pizzazz.

Everyone has extra hoops around! Just add some small tassels like these. Or create your own tassels with embroidery floss. 

Mix and match your colors, the sky's the limit if you diy these earrings at home.

12. Rails Pearl Blouse

Here's another fun way to use up those faux pearls! Simply stitch them at random to any old blouse.

This is a hot look right now and you can easily turn something that's just laying around into something chic!

13. Tu es Mon Tresor velvet bow jeans

I'm absolutely smitten! Smitten like a kitten for these jeans!

Add a pack of these adorable velvet bows to your favorite jean and achieve the same looks. If you want to get them online they're a cool $1,120 retail.

14. Gucci NY Wool Hat

Get a similar NY patch here and I scoured the internet and finally found the perfect rectangle jewel embellishments here.

This hat is so chic and simple to create for under $20. I love that everyone is jumping on the rainbow bandwagon! It's the happiest of color groupings.

15. Carolina Herrera Painted Sweater

If you zoom in on this picture, you can see the sweater details are actually made from fabric paint and hand stitched. It's a very cool concept that you could add to any dainty sweater or t-shirt.

These flower sequins would be the perfect adornment for your DIY sweater. If you need a little help in the sweater department, check this one out, it's more of a dusty rose, but so cute!

The thrift store always has a revolving door of great leather belts.

Hot glue or stitch on a few of these Scorpion hair pins from amazon and achieve the exact same look for a fraction of the price.

You can use any motif you want! I wouldn't mind a rhinestone bunny, this one would look so vintage!

Adding some pretty fabric to a sweatshirt is a great way to make it special. Try using an old scarf that's laying around or a scrap piece of fabric. 

This piece probably takes the most skill out of all the listed diys. 

19. Beaded Love Tee

With a strand of 1mm ball chain you can quickly make this shirt by either stitching on the chain or gluing using a bit of sewing glue.

Here's another one for that sewing glue you bought! Little daisy are easily attainable at any craft store.

Pick these daisies (haha) up if you want something very similar.

You can find the perfect sized black acrylic gemstone here.

Looking for a hot pink sweatshirt? Grab one, check it out here with great reviews!

Rhinestone trimming is surprisingly cheap! And that's exactly what Coach uses to trim this faux collar. 10 yards will set you back less than $9. 

This will leave plenty to space for other projects! Feel free to stitch or glue your rhinestones on. 

I love French writing on clothes. Fun fact most all t-shirts in France are written in English. Terrible for a tourist looking for authentic swag haha.

Grab a comfy sweatshirt from HM and iron on some letters to easily duplicate this look. Use any word you want in any language that's special to you.

I think this one is my favorite! So cute and soo simple! It's punk rock and chic at the same time.

Those rhinestone embellishments are going to come in more handy than you realized!


I hope that these DIYs inspired you to pull out some of your older items and revamp them with fun details! 

Don't be plain, add the gems, add the glitter! Strut your stuff. Life is for having fun, and it's easy to express yourself with these unique items whether you buy or DIY.  

If you want more great DIY ideas follow me on Pinterest! I'd love to see you there. 

What items do you love to DIY? My go to item is usually accessories :) 

The Beautiful Colorado

Since we have been engaged for over a year we thought it was time to take some "engagement photos". We took a drive to Kenosha Pass to watch the leaves change. I haven't seen leaves changing in that magnitude since I was a kid. Took a lot for me not to jump around and try to squash the already fallen leaves ha.   What time of the year do you associate your best memories with? Mine is without a doubt from October-December and I am gearing up to eat some smoked turkey soon!

PSA Check out the housing prices before you decide to move ;)


This is just a picture I took in Steamboat Springs, CO. The weekend freedom is upon us! Feel free to spread the inspiration.

Clutch My Heart Purse DIY

This was a small purse I got from a thrift store.  I have a ton of buttons ! I know you do too ... use as many as humanly possible in this project.  Just start sewing buttons anywhere you please. I went out and bought some specialty buttons to spice it up a bit my favorite place for buttons is joann's.  I love how my little clutch turned out ! Might not be luxury but it's unique and mine.  The color options are so endless ... vintage buttons = steam punk... oh that might be next.

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Hope that everyone is having a relatively calm Tuesday.  If it was bad just look at that puppy picture again :)