Noxzema Face Mask Review

Oh it burns.  It's a familiar burn. A in high school using your best friends face wash kind of burn. Today I am checking out the Noxzema face mask for this review. You will be shocked at how good this drugstore staple works at clearing up your complexion. I even noticed color correcting effect that I did not at all expect.

Now as you all probably realize Noxzema is not a face mask. Despite this, I have read countless articles on how Noxzema is this life altering elixir for your skin, when used as an overnight mask.  People claim that their 80 year old grandma's have been using it since they can remember, and that they are without wrinkle or blemish. I am sooo down for that!

Just some background knowledge for you; upon researching Noxzema I have found that the primary ingredient is actually water.  Now this may seem like a downfall, but in fact it is not. I would much rather the primary ingredient be water instead of something derived from alcohol; which we all know is incredibly drying. (Check your conditioner bottle, I can almost guarantee that one of the first 5 ingredients is some sort of alcohol... awesome conditioning corporations, awesome)  Anyways... most ingredients are listed in conjunction with the amount that is in the product. First ingredient is the most abundant, last ingredient is the least.  Noxzema lists their ingredients as follows:
stearic acid
linum usitatissimum (linseed oil)
glycine soja (soybean oil)
propylene glycol
ammonium hydroxide
eucalyptus globulus leaf oil
calcium hydroxide
sodium bicarbonate
calcium chloride
magnesium sulfate
potassium chloride
It's thick and creamy
The point of this review is not to analyze the ingredients, but rather to see if I have more glowing, radiant, blemish free skin..... and here are the results !

I left it on all night without a problem. What do you think? I am not disappointed in the least. Here is the affiliate link if you would like to check it out Noxzema Classic Clean Moisturizing Cream 12oz amazon's prices never cease to amaze me. I would 100% recommend it.  What have you tried in the name of vanity?


  1. Did you rub it in or just apply it and sleep on your back? Intriguing idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I put it on pretty liberally, rubbed it in and then let it dry. It's not flaky, so as long as it's dry when you go to sleep feel free to flip and turn as normal; I did! Thanks for the question Taylor, that's a pretty important detail I left out ha.

  3. Noxema was my main face treatment from teens to late 40's. Got away from it, started using misc. skin care treatments. After husband died, for years I went into slump and neglected myself. (Had always been called 'beautiful', said I looked like Grace Kelly, moviestar, etc.) Now in 70's, skin just old looking so I think it is time I go bck to Noxema. Lady here I thought was too young to be in senior community - well, turns out she has been Noxema girl for umpteen years and swears by it! gUESS WHAT? I recently switcheck back to being a NOXEMA GIRL!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh!! That is great inspiration to keep doing it. I got so lazy after the initial 2 weeks. It will definitely be slathered on my face again tonight! Thank you so much for sharing your story and stopping by. It means the world to me :)

  4. One more thing, I've tried "proavtiv" and "clean & clear" with horrible results. Just thanking you once again for this idea.

  5. Working great for me.
    This is my routine.
    AM: take small amount massage all over my dry face, wet my hands and massage the product with some water which makes it very milky I then rinse off with warm or cool water at the sink. Pat dry with towel.

    I usually shower at night so while waiting for the water to get warm I slather on some noxzema, slightly more then I used in the morning, again to dry skin. Massage well concentrating on areas with heavier makeup, eyes and cheeks. Then with wet hands massage with water to make it milky, which makes it easier to rinse or I use a warm cloth and remove makeup as I would with a makeup wipe. Proceed with shower as usual. Often using my apricot scrub gently.
    Note: this is all I use to remove my makeup at the end of the day. The very very rare occasion I just repeat but I usually can just run the towel under my eyes when drying and all my makeup is removed no problem. I rarely use a cloth unless I want too ensure I don't get my clothes wet.

    My skin feels clean but not stripped.
    I now really enjoy taking the extra time to cleanse my face. It's a little timeout and pampering session for my self. It really doesn't take much longer either.

    I read lots of vintage advertisements for noxzema that suggested to cleanse with noxzema and to also use as a night cream as well as lightly for a makeup base.
    I was very hesitant but tried it, using just a small amount, and it actually works very well. My face doesn't feel greasy and my complexion is improving.
    I now alternate this as a nightcream with a serum.
    I also use a few times a week as a makeup base and it works great.

    I have been getting compliments lately and my usually very oily skin is more balanced then it has ever been. My complexion just seems overall brighter and fresher. I rarely even need to blot anymore.
    Very satisfied.
    I doubt I'll try anything else.