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Diane Von Furstenberg knock off

DVF inspired me, and now I hope to inspire you.

You will need to make a quick stencil. I used craft foam, a washable marker, acrylic paint, and a textile medium or fabric paint.  If I was going to make this again I would choose fabric paint.

1.Cut out your stencil, pattern it based on the Diane Von Furstenberg design above.
2.Trace the pattern all over the shirt.
3. Put something in between the cloth layers before you start to paint, I used a plastic kitchen mat.
4. Mix your paint (be very mindful of the instructions for mixing acrylic with textile medium).
5. Fill in all of your black spots first and let dry.
6. Fill in the middle with green.
7. After everything is dry, thoroughly dry.  You need to heat set your design.  I used an iron and a cloth, it takes approximately 20 seconds per spot you are heating.  Your medium could be different so as I said just be mindful of what the bottle says to do.  Let the shirt sit for an additional 7 days before you hand wash and air dry.

If I was going to do this again, I would use fabric paint. The green had to be bigger than the original design in order to hide some of the gluey spots. Trial and error right?  I love the shirt and am really glad I didn't spend $250.00 on something I could create at home.

If anyone has any tips for mixing acrylic with textile medium, I would greatly appreciate it.   Hope that this inspired you to whip out some fabric paint and go to town!


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    1. thank you! i love it. definitely worth the time. thank you for stopping by :)

  2. aaah, so cute! I'm in love with the last pics!


    1. hahaha thank you. i guess it pays to be a complete goof.