Best Long Hair Tips to Grow Healthy Hair

When it comes to growing long hair that is healthy and beautiful, the less you do to your hair the better.

I have been growing my hair for 6 years. These are the tips and tricks that I've learned that keep my hair healthy.

1. Research Your Hair Type

It's important to know what type of hair you have so that you know how to nourish it. I have high porosity hair which means it's harder to moisturize and doesn't like protein treatments. When I did protein treatments in the past, it gave me split ends. If I had knowledge about my hair type I could have avoided the damage.

Damage-free hair is crucial for your long hair journey. Do a little research to understand your hair.

2. Wash Your Hair Less

How often do you wash your hair? I wash mine once every 5 days. Even if you are buying quality hair products it's best to minimize the exposure to chemicals as much as possible.

Try to extend your hair routine by one day and see how your hair reacts. Most importantly, don't touch your hair. Your hand oils will make your hair dirtier faster and make the roots appear greasy. Your hair will adjust to the new washing regiment, just give it a little time.

3. Avoid Sulfate and Silicones 

Sulfate will actually strip your hair of its natural moisture, and silicons will weigh your hair down. There are a ton of silicon and sulfate-free options for you to choose from.

My favorite shampoo and conditioner are from Costco. You can check out the Salon Formula Moisture here. 

4. Carefully Brush Your Hair

Take the time to brush your hair. Start from root to tip. This will help you avoid tangles and ripping your hair.

I love the Wet Brush. The bristles are extra-long with flex technology which helps to avoid ripping, tugging and tearing.

5. Trim Your Hair Before You Grow

Start fresh when you begin your hair growth journey. If you have split ends trim them now, damaged hair can be healed but it's best to just get rid of split ends. Nothing can reverse a hair split.

6. Stop Dying or Highlighting Your Hair

When you dye or highlight your hair you are breaking down the hair follicle. Over time this will weaken your hair. Embrace your beautiful natural color, no one really knows what those chemicals do.

7. Avoid Heat 

Air dry your hair! When you get out of the shower simply pat down your hair to remove access water.

Usually, I let my hair dry in a loose bun or loose braids. If you do this it will create nice soft waves, and tame the frizz.

I absolutely love these Curling rods. They're an excellent way to curl your hair if you want some real bounce! You can sleep in them, or just dampen the ends of your hair and let dry.

8. Sleep in a Satin Bonnet

As your hair gets longer it's going to start to tangle. A bonnet like this one will help your hair from becoming a bird's nest overnight. Satin won't dry out your hair like a cotton pillowcase will. I double up and use a silk pillow too. 
This is my favorite silk pillowcase

9. Pouch Your Hair

When your hair starts to get long, it could start to hurt your head a bit due to the weight. When you wear a hoodie you can actually stick all your hair in the hoodie pouch! It works great at alleviating the pressure after a long day.

10. Oil Your Hair

My favorite oil is Grape Seed Oil, it's light and nourishing. Start by oiling the ends of your hair and working it further towards your scalp. Let the oil absorb into your strands and wash your hair as normal.

I hope that these long hair tips and tricks will help put you on the right track for longer hair. Hair takes some patience but it's an accessory that you wear every day.

Last tip and most importantly is to eat a balanced diet. I tend to a rely on a lot of quick meals, but I also invest in Rawr Superfoods. It's an easy way to get all my nutrition in and there are healthy ingredients for hair growth. Check it out! I'm not much for habits but I've made Rawr Superfoods part of my life.

Rawr superfoods

For even more tips and tricks follow my journey, check out my Instagram! Longhair_Milehigh I do giveaways and fun freebies too.

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