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Easy Almond Green Beans

Nom Nom Nom, this is one of my favorite easy side dishes. Can be paired with anything.

green beans / slivered almonds / garlic / butter / salt / pepper / lemon juice

I always use frozen green beans.  If you serve them right away they keep their pretty green color and there is no need for blanching.

Saute and brown the slivered almonds.  This brings out the nutty flavor.... similar to pumpkin seeds oddly enough.

Set the almonds to the side.  Saute green beans with butter, salt, pepper and garlic.  Right before they are completely cooked add a couple squirts of lemon juice.

Toss the almonds in off the heat.  If you toss them after the nuts stay nice and crunchy!! 

I made a bag of frozen green beans and ended up eating the entire bag... oops! no leftovers for me!

Oh goodness you can pair this with a steak or even goat cheese stuffed chicken.... I am going to drool.

Enjoy! What's your favorite easy side dish?

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