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Success !

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sweater: Talbots / blouse: Studio M / pants: I-N-C / shoes: Giani Bernini

Woah !!!! I am back !  I have been gone because of work so I am coming back to my blog ready to shed my work clothes and cover myself in glitter.

It has been an absolutely crazy ride.  The teachers are happy.  Which makes me feel just incredible.  There are 200 new teachers in the classroom, 100s of transfers and I helped to get them all to the right spot.   Still trying to get some Spaniards qualified to teach Spanish Kindergarten classes, but that is perfectly fine since they literally got off the plane on Wednesday.  

I can't believe our team did it.  There are 6 people staffing for a district with 82,000 kids... 13,100 employees.... 5,000 of which are teachers.  We were short-handed when someone took an early retirement, even 7 people for that amount of work is slightly ridiculous.  I think some changes are in the works for next year, as our hiring systems despite being new, are somewhat archaic in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you all for your love and support during this busy time !! I wouldn't have made it without you.  Every time I saw a page view I felt awful that I didn't have the energy to post.

On a completely separate note I did revamp my DIY page.  It was making me so mad, I was going to trash the whole thing .... but success !  Oh there is a new layout too.  It feels more me since it is custom made.  In the future I hope to make many many many more custom layouts.

My brain has had so much time to marinate lately.  I am going to be busy doing all the projects I haven't had time for.  It's going to be great !  I was able to do crafts this weekend, and goodness it's like I see the light in the world again.  Everyone deserves such a wonderful outlet no matter what it is.

Okay rambling now.... but seriously love you all and wooo wooo creativity is life blood live it !

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