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Work Wear Shenanigans

Outfit Details:
dress: Donna Morgan / tights: TjMaxx / shoes: Coach / earrings: Forever21 / sweater: Talbots / necklace: hand made diy / brooch: hand made diy / purse: Chanel

Okay, can we be serious for a moment?  Who gives away a vintage Chanel purse?!  WHO I ASK WHO?!  Well luckily that answer is my mom's friend.  I was gifted this purse in 2004.  I thank my lucky stars daily that women for a short amount of time thought it was no longer acceptable to wear gold.  I am not sure how old this purse is; I would guess around 20-30 years old though.  It recently broke, the piece of leather that connected the chain pulled out.  For a mere $20 bucks at a cobbler I was able to get it repaired like new!   A word to all you ladies, don't be afraid of the cobbler especially if you have a pair of shoes or a bag that is worth fixing.

Coach shoes are my favorite they are far superior to similar brands in the market.  I have worn Coach shoes for months, and months and months of walking and they remain intact, beautiful and comfortable.  You can really put some miles on those things I promise.

Have you been gifted anything that once was a faux pas, and has now made it's way full circle (at least in your mind) to something fabulous and lovely that you treasure dearly?