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Green All Over

Outfit Details
bracelet: Hermes / sweater: Halogen / dress: Maggy London / shoes: Forever21

This dress is shorter than I thought it would be (despite having tried it on at the store).   Normally I go for longer lengths or what I like to call "50's" lengths, especially important with a flared ensemble such as this.  It's the main reason I never buy things from Modcloth.  If they had real people modeling the dresses, it would be perfect!  Unfortunately they seem to have a lot of styles that would just look frumpy and awkward on me, I wish it wasn't so.   Just the same this was comfortable and just long enough.  Look at that gumby leg, what happened?!  See if the dress was longer you wouldn't have even noticed ... of course it would have helped if I didn't point it out too ha.  What is your favorite length for skirts and dresses? 


  1. This dress/outfit is stinkin' adorable!


  2. I think it still looks great! I like my skirts and dresses to fall around the knees or lower. Anything too much above the knees makes me feel like I'm about to show my booty, even though I'm probably not!

    1. oh i feel the same way !!! we are suppose to dress business casual for work ... but some of the things people wear it's like woah ! i wouldn't even wear that at night!

  3. Hahaha "gumby leg" is hilarious. I think this is adorable on you!! I like my dresses and skirts below the knee but I think this one on you is still very tasteful and super cute!!

  4. I LOVE this outfit! I too would buy a lot from Modcloth if they had sensible length dresses & skirts... I like mine to hit the middle of my knees, at the very shortest.

  5. oh my! That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I think this one is just right on you, I like mine to be just above the knee (exactly where yours is) otherwise I'm giving to much of a show or if it's below the knee it makes my legs look short and thick. When it comes to thrifted dresses I take what I can get as long as it's not too short, and no matter the length there are ALWAYS biker shorts involved! :)