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Love List

OH man ! I will never be a quilter, but this would be awesome to have!link
ebweddings: A great DIY for a bride who wants something unique for her reception! 
add some diy jelly fish and you could live in an aguarium ! link
oh goodness ! pesto makes everything delicious! skinnytaste pesto chicken link
add styrofoam plates in between glass plates for packing link
yep love.  link
love this pretty pattern link
PDF Crochet Pattern for Lion Scarf - DIY Fashion Tutorial
this etsy shop has a ton of different patterns for animal scarfs ..... why can't i crochet yet ?!link
Happy Monday !! I'll bet you all are as shocked as I am for a morning post!?  Well that's right.  I can't say I will make a habit of it... but nothing like a little early blogging to get the mind moving.


  1. I have a boyfriend but I do love food! and that pesto chicken with tomatoes looks divine!

  2. ooooh, that polyvore link! want, want, want...

  3. This post makes me happy! I love the flower pattern and the funny pictures!!

  4. I tried my hand at a Christmas bulb chandelier earlier this year... HUGE fail. The bulbs were so delicate that they shattered at the slightest knock about. Cleaning tiny shards of bulbs off the living room floor for hours? Not so fun.

    1. omg ! thanks for letting me know that would soooo be something that would happen to me too !