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some graf art on a dumpster
stop to smell the flowers
pretty bling bling
work rabbit let me take a picture
birthday dinner texas de brazil yum!
i am not sure why bugs like to pose for me
haven't seen one of these in a while
maybe at 70mph on the freeway i should concentrate on drivin?
post office letters
Is it weird mood time for anyone else? I am not sure if it's the weather change or the everything else change. Having gone from no work to 40 hours a week you would think that I would be craving my time at home. Instead I find myself waiting to go back to work. I am sure this will change eventually; but right now I can't help but somewhat beat myself up for not enjoying my days off. It has to be the weather ha. I hope that everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend.


  1. Great photos! I love that car and the bunny! That's so cool that you enjoy your job- its rare! <3

    1. oh don't i know it. i'm waiting for reality to kick in <3

  2. That freeway picture is stunning! I get into moods like that, I'll find cute things and instead of seeing it my house somewhere I think "oh! I should take this to work".