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Parisian Walker

We are continuing to live the Parisian lifestyle. I don't know what I am going to do when I get home and have no baguettes !!!

 I seriously could not imagine crafting here. It seems really hard to get any supplies ... especially at a good price. I was happy to see a little store that had some hand made things. They might be mass produced but they had a personal touch added.  Can't really say that I agree with anything that Walmart stands for whatsoever .... but my cheap side is thankful I can buy tights for $5.00.  Unlike here where even at the grocery store they run at cheapest 15.00 euro.  As you can see from past posts America is definitely getting their claws in Europe.  I spotted a mcdonald's next to chiptole next to a starbucks across the street from a subway.  Seriously odd.  How mad would you be spending $5000.00 on your little French apartment smelling french fries all day?  Nature of the beast. 

That fallafel is seriously the best thing!  L'as Du Fallafel is really well known around France.  It is in the Marais which is the old Jewish Quarter.  Apparently whenever Lenny Kravitz comes into town it is a must eat for him.  I can totally understand why.  My mom and I have had it at least twice in a week already.  I can't say that I am getting grossed out on food, but there are slight waves of nausea that are hitting.  Ha might have to take it easy if I want to be able to waddle around town anymore.

 I sure am glad that I don't have to pay to use the restroom in the states.  Usually the bathrooms are monitored very closely, so it does ensure a clean space.  They are scarce around town too, so paying is totally welcome after holding it for a few miles ha ! 

So thankful to spend Mother's Day in Paris with my mama.  Love her so much.  Hope that you all had a nice Mother's Day too. 

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