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A Bit of the Life in Paris

Well this post is a bit of a cluster.

As you can see from the top picture, the French army is not something that you want to mess with!  Those guys were just strolling around with giant guns like it was nothing.  A little unnerving I am not going to lie.  It seems that the country is quite monitored.  Every single store (even what we would consider a small gas station) has a security guard.  If there is even a rumor of a protest there are cops everywhere.  We are talking like 15 buses full of cops with riot gear on.  At least they are prepared for the worst?

A little further down in the Seine we spotted a guy swimming with flippers on.  Hopefully you can spot him on the wall; seemed a little bit dangerous, but I guess that's one way that you can get your exercise in.

Upon seeing the Nicholas Flamel sign my mind immediately ran to Harry Potter.  I normally watch those movies every night to fall asleep to.  I think that is probably the only thing I miss about home .... falling asleep to movies that I have literally seen around 5000 times.

Despite all the walking that we have been doing, I do believe I am still managing to gain weight.  I guess an entire baguette and 2-3 pastries as day is too much?  Who knew?  ha.  I am now trying to monitor the food intake a bit more.  Goodness me it is hard with so much temptation.  In the states normally I gorge on fresh food, here in a hotel that is a little bit harder to do.  I was craving veggies so bad today I actually went to a Chinese buffet, luckily they had sauteed vegetables!  They also had some crazy fruit too.  Has anyone else tried a waxberry also known as a yumberry?  Had to look that one up!  Really good.  Definitely tried some things that I have never seen before.  That gooey ball pictured is a coconut ball.  It was sooo gooey I thought that I would be able to blow a bubble with the "dough".  The middle had a coconut paste in it and it was AMAZING.  Chinese food in France is a little bit different that in the States after all.

If I get motivated I will post some of the goodies I have bought for the giveaway so far.   Hope that everybody had a great day!  Till tomorrow little canaries.

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