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French Foodie


Woah French food you are just too good. When they cook the chickens they let all the fat drip into a holding tray. Said holding tray holds little potatoes..... can we all say delicious !!! You can get a chicken and potatoes for about 10Euros or about $14.00, definitely worth it. All the vegetables always look crazy fresh... saw some mangoes that were seriously the size of my head. Most things are local if not from a farm on the country side. Not sure if you can see that yogurt .... but the French definitely have a love affair with dairy products. That yogurt aisle is probably the size of an average sized super market's chip aisle. So far I have dabbled in the vanilla yogurt, flan, cheese, butter and mousse. Everyday I wake up I immediately think "oooooh YES!!!! I get to eat again!!!" I have yet to get sick of anything. Can't wait to wake up again tomorrow.

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