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Steak Yums

Such good meals today. The ice cream store we visited is called Berthillon. Absolutely amazing. I got the nougat au miel which is nougat and honey. I have seen bigger scoops of butter on pancakes ... hahaha .... but it was very good and to my surprise just the right amount. The steak and pomme sautee I had was too good for words, probably the best potatoes I have ever had. It seems like a simple recipe involving oil and garlic and little else. Guess sometimes the simplest things are the best. I can't believe I ate all the steak, all the potatoes some salad a piece of bread and a triple mini serving of dessert. Seriously was food wasted by the time my mom and I walked out of the restaurant. It rained like crazy tonight. Some how the birds all started chirping when the rain stopped. Do they have a sense to chirp after it rains? Really did not hear a bird all day until it stopped raining. Everything seems a little silly I must still be drunk on food.

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