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A few Thoughts on Travel

There are a number of things that I am sure we all LOVE about traveling.  I might love more than a few, but I have shortened the list to these select few.

1.  Experiencing a different culture.  It is nuts how seeing other people living their daily lives can open your mind.  In America we often times forget to stop to smell the roses so to speak.  Seeing people  in the same bakery every night to buy their bread, gathering their children from school on a Saturday, kids rolling around on scooters.  These are things that might happen in Colorado but I don't always notice them because I take them for granted.  Here it seems unique and I appreciate it.

2.  FOOD ... I looooove food there are a number of flavors here that are not available in the states.  For instance I am addicted to diet soda (I know I know chemicals!!!)... here they use different processes to flavor their soda and drinks.  More commonly they use beat sugar rather than corn syrup.  Nothing has that throat burning sweet taste.  When you drink peach tea here, it literally tastes like you are biting into a ripe peach picked at it's prime.  A lot of foods here are picked at the proper time and sold at market the next day, whereas I think a lot of us are use to fruit picked while still green and ripened on a truck to our grocer.  If you have ever seen that episode of King of the Hill where Peggy goes "these tomatoes taste amazing" and Hank says "don't be crazy Peggy we all know tomatoes don't have a flavor."  It's kind of like that.  Ha.

3.  Style !  We all are capable of wearing fashions that are up and coming.  Sometimes it just the way that someone wears something though that makes it different.

4.  Sense of accomplishment.  I am completely refreshed and ready to take on the world again when I get home.  I have a new list of diys to complete... got a couple of job applications in, paintings to paint.  People to see you know, things to do. :)  

Here are some future diys that are in the works for when I get home. I am sure that I missed a zillion things about the wonder of travel, but feel free to fill in the blanks.

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