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Taking the last bit in

I can really feel the trip coming to a close. We leave on Friday, and it has just been the best experience. I feel like I have learned so much about myself. I now have a clear head about how I want to leave the next few years of my life. Hopefully it all goes as well if not better than planned.

Now for the pictures! I have this ever lasting loooove for eggplant. If you ever get the chance to put a few slice of eggplant and onion on pizza please please pleeeease don't hesitate. That blue sign says that the building has been there since 1582. How absolutely insane is that? That building was made for the statement if only the walls had eyes. While walking down around Place Vendome we spotted a photo shoot !! Not sure what kind of car that is, but there were definitely Louis Vuitton bags piled high and it was taken in front of a Cartier store. I will keep my eye out for an advertisement in Vogue ha. I think there would have been much more paparazzi around if that was Kate Moss ... but there are some slight similarities. Maybe I'll just pretend that's true.  From glamor to trash Paris has it all !!  Seriously do you see that garbage truck trying to go down the little street?  French people love eating outside, and I literally saw people moving their bar stools and tables to get out of the way of the garbage truck.  Not to mention the 100's of people walking around.  It was a ridiculous site and kind of makes me want to squirm just thinking about it.  Definitely navigating a huge truck down little side streets would be the worst.

That's all for tonight.  I think that if I have a chocolate rocher I will do a candy photo op otherwise, till tomorrow !!

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