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Paris Insta

Some flowers, love and taxidermy c'est parfait ! I saw that dear little antelope in the window the other day. So of course I had to go back with my camera and document his existence. Glad that I found him again looking just as dapper as the first passing.

It's official there is one week of Paris left. I came here wanting to move, and honestly I am not sure I feel that way anymore. It's almost a burden lifted. Having been to Paris several times before it has always made me sick to think that I couldn't live here, or come back here ... silly as that seems. I don't know if it's because I am getting older, or if it's because Paris is less like Paris every year; and more like New York. Life here seems incredibly hard, and getting harder and it's really expensive. I would liken it to a class change. You would need to be in a higher rung of society here to maintain the lifestyle you were accustomed to in the States whatever that might be. There are just so many luxuries we have that seem necessary that are just not available here. I am loving every second here. But as of now I know that my future is not pointed in the direction of France as I so desperately hoped for in the past, and that is extremely refreshing. Seems so weird to say out loud or write, since it has always been such an intense goal of mine. Anyone else ever have an experience like this ? where something was so important to you and then all of a sudden it no longer was? I would love to hear about.  Oh and my apologies it seems I dropped my smile in that picture ;)

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