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Burberry Sandals DIY

This is by far my favorite diy to date. I am a huge fan of Burberry but was not about to pay the price tag that came along with these shoes. Approximately $475.00 for a flat version and $795.00 for a wedge.  For this DIY head to Amazon you will need 100 wooden beads, string, sandals, paint, gloss, Q-tips and Styrofoam.  Cost for this diy was around $20.00 this included the sandals.

1. First you will want to decide on your paint colors.  Separate your beads.  For this I painted 28 black, 32 green and 40 blue.
2.  Start poking your beads with Q-tips.  This will give it a stable base once you paint them.  I painted each one by hand.  You may need 1 to 2 coats of paint depending on how much coverage you want or depending on how thin your paint is.  Stick the end of the Q-tip in the Styrofoam and allow to dry completely.
3.  Once the paint is completely dry, grab some gloss in a spray can and spray those suckers down.
4. After your thick coat of gloss has dried begin removing the beads from the Q-tips.  Make sure and get all the cotton out of the hole.
5.  Start stringing your beads.  For one sandal you will want a string of 14 black, 16 green and 20 blue.  Tie all of your strings together.  Allow a little leeway with the tightness as you don't want it to be too stiff on your footsies.  The sandals I purchased had little loops that allowed me to tie on my beads easily.  I quadruple knotted and added a dab of glue.
6.  Slide those babies on you are done !

Mine are slightly different than the Burberry's that are pictured. There are actually two versions of the shoe online, the flat and also the wedge. The wedge featured a looser/ longer bead string. Frankly I wanted the comfort and the style so I mashed those two together to get these.  Enjoy sooo worth the time.