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Beautiful evening in Boulder

We had a wonderful spread of home made kiftah (recipe to come soon), cheeses including goat cheese, Brie, St. Andre and Tillamook Cheddar.  Thinly sliced salami and goat cheese topped off the platter. The gorgeous tart was from Whole Foods and tasted as good as it looked. I was too obsessed with taking pictures of Chloe (my brother's cat; she gets her own post) to snap any of the family. Goodness knows how we will act once someone has a child . On a cheese note if you have not had the pleasure of trying St. Andre go out right now and buy some. The center is a bit drier like a goat cheese and the outside is creamy dreamy delicious.  It's flavor is a little stronger and nuttier than a typical Brie. YUM. I am still full... though looking at the pictures I could have a 3rd helping no problem.