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Brooch making

For this diy you can use absolutely anything that is in your craft drawer.  Rocks, glass, beads, buttons, ribbon, broken earrings, chains, feathers.  Whatever your little heart desires, grab.  This is more about assembly and design rather than actual craft labor (bahaha there is only love, no labor; pish).  So pick up your random objects, get a hot glue gun and a piece of felt... it's time to go to town and make a brooch !  My craft supplies are from Michaels and my sweater is from Forever21.  Forever21 always has cute cheap sweater options ... some goofy ones during the holidays too.

The felt will be your base.  Personally I like to free form the brooch first.  Arrange, wiggle and move all pieces till you are sure you love them the way they are.  Start gluing the individual pieces together.  Once everything is cooled squirt some hot glue on a piece of felt and smack it on the back.  You then need to glue your pin-back to the felt.  All done !!! Easy.  Wear proudly and enjoy.... it seems I am feeling a bit feisty.  GLUE GUNS LOCKED AND LOADED.