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The Best Chandeliers on Amazon

When you get serious about decorating your house and need something out of the norm, the internet is where I turn.
I have been searching for the perfect chandelier for my dining room.  There are millions of options out there!
I narrowed down my top favorites for your viewing pleasure. What have you been able to find on Amazon lately? I'm obsessed.

The Beautiful Colorado

Since we have been engaged for over a year we thought it was time to take some "engagement photos". We took a drive to Kenosha Pass to watch the leaves change. I haven't seen leaves changing in that magnitude since I was a kid. Took a lot for me not to jump around and try to squash the already fallen leaves ha.   What time of the year do you associate your best memories with? Mine is without a doubt from October-December and I am gearing up to eat some smoked turkey soon!

PSA Check out the housing prices before you decide to move ;)


This is just a picture I took in Steamboat Springs, CO. The weekend freedom is upon us! Feel free to spread the inspiration.

Clutch My Heart Purse DIY

This was a small purse I got from a thrift store.  I have a ton of buttons ! I know you do too ... use as many as humanly possible in this project.  Just start sewing buttons anywhere you please. I went out and bought some specialty buttons to spice it up a bit my favorite place for buttons is joann's.  I love how my little clutch turned out ! Might not be luxury but it's unique and mine.  The color options are so endless ... vintage buttons = steam punk... oh that might be next.

Love List

in my search for a wedding dress I find everything else link
can i hop onto the paris metro with this bag ? link
I am very much in love with geometric shapes since they remind me of my beloved gemstones.  These will be come home soon link
I love this color splotch.  More are available here
Impossible not to love. link right here
this should end a few fights link

I love this link
thank artistic minds link
I am in love with this skirt on sale $20.00 done. Link
Absolutely beautiful I would love to visit.  There are more pictures on Danxia here

Hope that everyone is having a relatively calm Tuesday.  If it was bad just look at that puppy picture again :)