Work from Home and Earn $65 an Hour

work from home as a proofreader

Are you a struggler or a thriver? 

Make life changing money in 2020!

My friend Caitlin Pyle over at is one of the most talented proofreaders out there… and she has compiled all of her knowledge into a comprehensive course: General Proofreading: Theory + Practice™.

Caitlin and her program have changed my life. As someone who has always enjoyed reading, I never thought that I would be able to turn it into a business. Especially a business where I got to work from home.
work from home as a proofreader

Proofreading allows me to read and correct information I care about. I was worried that it would be too technical, but it's not. Caitlin breaks down every important aspect of proofreading so that you can be successful. 
Some proofreaders get paid as much $100,000 per year. That's $100,000 to work from home, while raising your kids or living anywhere in the world.
Proofreading is the up-and-coming profession that -- due to the rise in popularity of self-publishing -- will start to become more competitive in the coming years… so better get on board now and become an expert!
Get FREE access to the famous Proofread Anywhere Free Masterclass Course and Webinar! This FREE webinar will show you how to start thriving as a proofreader. 

But who is Caitlin?

Caitlin Pyle is a former freelance proofreader who lives in Florida. That was her primary income ($40k+ per year!) -- until she realized that she was just as good at teaching proofreading as she was at actually doing the proofreading itself (so pretty darn good!).

Caitlin’s General Proofreading course will set you up with the skills to grow a business proofreading more general -- and fun! -- types of texts like books, blog posts, resumes, news articles, etc.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone with word skills who’s looking to start working for themselves. Caitlin and Proofread Anywhere have been featured in everything from Business Insider to Forbes to other online blogs like The Penny Hoarder.
If bad grammar and poor punctuation make you cringe this is your opportunity!

Proofreaders are a hot commodity and can earn more than $65 an hour!

As a proofreader you have the ability to work anywhere in the world, control your income and proofread information that you enjoy. That means your ability to learn will never stop and you'll be doing something that you love. You don't have to be tied to an office! You can make life changing money.

You are worth it, never doubt that! At $65 an hour you have extra freedom. 2 hours of work is what most people earn in a whole day! 

So What is Proofreading?

Proofreaders are needed for just about everything that is written. No really! Proofreaders check grammar, spelling and typing errors.That means, blogs, articles, newspapers, books, magazines, manuscripts and much, much more all need to be proofread. 

Proofreading is the final stage of writing! Editing happens before the proofreading stage so that is not your responsibility. 

That means the skills you will learn in Proofread Anywhere will be the skills that you need to succeed! No prior education is needed, you are putting the final polish on! 

Caitlin teaches you how to find all of those mistakes quickly and efficiently so that you can be a thriving proofreader sooner! That means more money faster. 

work from home as a proofreader

Proofreaders Work Where They Want 

Do you dream of working from home, or poolside, or even on a beach? What about working while your baby sleeps on your chest? As a proofreader you have the freedom to do that and still earn an awesome hourly wage. You are worth it! Earning good money doesn't only exist for certain people. You are worth it too. 

Build Your Confidence as You Build Your Proofreading Skills

Caitlin not only teaches the skills to proofread she is focused on building your confidence too! 

As a thriving business woman Caitlin is aware of the mental mind shift that happens. Part of her program addresses your ability to really believe in yourself. She works hard to build you up to being the confident business owner we all know you can be. 

Proofread Anywhere takes your confidence and success so seriously in fact she includes 2 freebies to ensure it!

The first is The Mindset Mastery Guide and the second is 5 Mindset Shifts for Goal Crushing Confidence. 

These tools really made me feel like someone else "had my back" during my journey. I know that they will make a huge difference for you too. 

Daily steps for accountability and motivation really helped me organize my business. Her tips have been invaluable to me. 

Attract the Clients You Want to Work With 
Whether you start your own website and attract clients that way, or gain clients through LinkedIn or other sites you will have the skills to work with who you want to work with.

Caitlin will ensure you know how to reach out to new clients, and how to sign them for top dollar. Not only that but how to foster your new business relationships so both parties are able to get a maximum benefit.

Her templates made it so much easier to reach out to business owners, I really felt like I had an arsenal of knowledge behind me.

Jump Into Changing Your Life

Proofreading is a real skill that will make a difference to your life, just as it has for me. 

There are thousands of other happily employed proofreaders who get to work from home, and the work just keeps coming in. 

Caitlin made this career available to anyone who is interested in making a difference to their lives, clearing debt or earning money. 

You owe it to yourself. Her quick webinar will let you know if proofreading is the right direction for you.

This is Absolutely Something You Can Be Successful With! 

If you work hard at proofreading it will work hard for you. This isn't a pipe dream this is a skill that will propel your life goals.

You will never be sorry when it comes to furthering your knowledge especially if it means you get to work from home!

Get FREE access to the famous Proofread Anywhere Free Masterclass Course and Webinar! This FREE webinar will show you how to start thriving as a proofreader. There are tons of other freebies too!

I'm here to support you and so is Caitlin. It's time to become a thriver.

work from home as a proofreader
Decide to be a striver in 2020! 

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