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Delicatessen Movie

If you were living in a post apocalyptic city and you were trying to keep your tenants alive and fed what would you do?  You're a butcher you have the skills to slice and dice.  Would you entice men to live there with cheap rent and the promise of a job as a maintenance man?  Only to murder them a week later...after they fix the leaky pipes?  In this case Louison, played by Dominique Pinon  (Amelie, The City of Lost Children)  is that new tenant.  Louison and the butcher's daughter fall in love and she is forced to decide whether or not to go against her father or take a chance with this saw playing weirdo.

Each scene is as eclectic as the next and I can't help but feel as if I have been selected to star in my favorite vintage thrift shop with every passing moment.  There is even a full blown sex scene starring rug smacking, clock ticking, metal clanging, water boiling love.  I implore you to find this combined elsewhere.

If you are not into foreign films and subtitles this is the movie for you. Ha. The dialogue is sparse and the cinematography is incredible.  The French have this way of highlighting architecture and scenes so that you feel as if you are walking in the halls and looking into the rooms.  The 2nd picture is a poorly contrived suicide, we have to credit the dark humor right?

You can rent or buy it off Amazon here and of course there's reviews to ponder over as well.  Whenever I watch artistic movies like that I find myself more inspired for the upcoming days.  What movies have you inspired right now ? 

Love this movie.