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Alexander McQueen Butterfly Sweatshirt DIY

These sweat shirts make being lazy look great!  I think the whole comfortable cute thing is working in our favor this season.  A huge trend I am seeing right now is patches !! patches !! patches !!  The Alexander McQueen Sweater at $1,075 is screaming to be DIY'd.

The cute butterflies above are actually linked to their appropriate stores.  Does anyone know where to find a cute, comfy, girl cut sweat shirt ?  I can't seem to find one that I trust to not get balled up.  Once you get your sweatshirt, and a  handful of patches plus an iron you will have all you need to make this sweat shirt worthy of swoon.  My search continues!  I hope you enjoy and please share your butterfly sweat shirts if you make them.  I would love to see the different color combinations. 

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