Alexander McQueen DIY Butterfly Sweatshirt

These sweatshirts make being lazy look great! I think the whole comfortable cute thing is working in our favor this season. A huge trend I am seeing right now is patches !! patches !! patches !! The Alexander McQueen Sweater at $1,075 is screaming to be DIY'd.

The cute butterflies are easily found on Amazon here. Once you get your sweatshirt, a handful of patches, and an iron you will have all you need to make this sweatshirt that's stylish and comfy.

Alexander McQueen embroidered topButterfly iron patchJ Crew floral print topBrown Bear, SweatshirtVintage topBow SweaterEmbroidered SweaterFeather top

I hope you enjoy! Share your butterfly sweatshirts if you make them.  I would love to see the different color combinations. 

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