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i want some more ! link

amazing light cloud the "rain" is actually the cords to turn the bulbs on link

cupcakes pretty 4 Cupcakes that are too pretty to eat... JKLOL I would totally eat them (37 photos)
love these !!! link

Lemon Pudding Cakes
if this tastes even a little bit as good as how easy it is I am screwed.  link

Alder Manor 06
Alder Manor ... can be rented for all sorts of thing!  Gorgeous.  link
Pear shaper !  If only I had a fruit tree ! link
so absolutely true.  trying to remember this daily.  link
I have never used shrinky dinks ! I know worst crafter ever!  This is the perfect reason to get started!  link
IMG_4952 copy
lots of great ideas for sock embellishments link
one of the best toilet paper roll designs I have ever seen link
Oh a zipper bracelet I am a fan of !  Lots of other cute ideas too!  link

 Happy Monday!


  1. hahaha....that fruit cracked me up! Why little buddha's though, I say shrunken heads!

    1. ha !!!! what people think of amazes me... shrunken head fruit i would def eat that :)

    2. At my elementary school we used to make shrunken heads out of apples at halloween, when you leave them out, they dry up and look all wilted and shriveled and exactly like shrunken heads.

    3. omg that's amazing ! i am going to make shrunken head art one of these days.

  2. Love the quote. Little doggie is just about too cute!

    1. right he totally has a person's smile, i love him.

  3. Gorgeous picks! The rainbow cheesecake looks so amazing