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Couch Cleaning DIY

I have to stress !!!!!!! HUGE STRESS !!!! This is not my loveseat.  Ok now that I have that out of the way..... have you ever wondered if things you find on pinterest work?  Well if this isn't the proof then stop looking at pinterest now ha!

My friend bought a couch and loveseat.  It was in the dark.  We got it in the light, and well you can see what he ended up with.  Believe me, there is noway.... NOWAY he would have bought it if it looked half as bad in the dimly lit room as it did in the light.  I headed to Target with my list and got to shopping.

Items needed:
Rubbing alcohol
squirt bottle
white scrubby sponges

Seriously we probably went through 5 bottles of the largest size rubbing alcohol, 12-15 sponges and 15-20 towels.  This was on the love seat you see here, and its matching counterpart the couch.

Squirt down the area you are cleaning and scrub, scrub, scrub with the white sponge (white is important so there is no color transfer from say a green sponge).  Keep scrubbing.... keep scrubbing scrub some more and then rub, rub, rub with the towels.  The sponges will pick up dirt and loosen grime, but the towels really grab all the dirty nasty stuff.  Work in sections and repeat.  I probably scrubbed each of these cushions with the above remedy 3-4 times.  Alcohol dries fast enough that it won't leave spots.

If you look close enough the cushions aren't perfect, but goodness gracious me!  The couches were saved... barely.  The whole project cost less than $50.00 bucks, definitely a steal if you are saving or reclaiming furniture!  I definitely recommend this technique for huge projects, or spot treating... you won't be sorry (just grossed out at the color change).
Are you still in shock? because I am. eww.