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Rockin It Embroidered Patch

How do you like those polka dot tights? Tip for you tight wearers out there, go to Nordstrom's Rack!

The exact same tights they sell at Nordstrom's (3 pairs for $27.00) are $3.97 at the Rack!  As far as I know Nordstrom's does not sell defective merchandise or lesser quality at the Rack, nor have I ever bought a defective pair of tights there.  It's definitely worth checking into foooor sure !

That little brooch is handmade and a pretty good example of the diy I posted a bit back about embroidering your own patches link!  I was inspired by crystals and gems. Does anyone know where you can actually buy those things?  I remember seeing them at museums when I was younger, but have never seen them at the craft store.

Who has a good tip for thrifty buying that doesn't include shopping at a thrift store?