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Soy Squirt

Yum! YUM.  I love my soy sauce.  Trouble is with that "easy pour" bottle I tend to dump about 5 times too much on my food.  My over zealousness with the bottle prompted me to do this!  If you go to the Dollar Store, you can get a set of 3 squirt bottles for... surprise a dollar!  This ensures even soy flavoring over all of your food.  Just pour some soy sauce in that squirt bottle.  You can do this with any liquid that you might want to be more sparse with.  Here is the link to what is on that plate.  What are your easy kitchen tips ?


  1. What a wonderful idea! My sister won't pour her own soy sauce because she's over poured more times then she'd like.

  2. hahaha this is such a good idea! I have that problem too! or I go to dip my food in the soy sauce and it falls in and gets drenched...blegh! thanks for the great idea!