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Love List

Andy Riley is hilarious Bunny Suicides link
Great idea for penny memorabilia link
Kathryn Trotter link
Amazing light painting by Rashad Alakbarov link
wrapping paper print printed envelope diy make your own martha stewart weddings
Wall paper envelopes. This site has some amazingly unique ideas.  link
Dior beauty; balloons and Paris 2 of my favorite things link
Florantine cookies, crispy and chewy! link i will make these.
Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon beautiful as always link
I need to spend time with a needle and thread link
My first day at the new job is on Thursday. I have this nervous first day of school feeling in the pit on my stomach; mixed with excitement of course. I am trying to keep my mind peaceful and happy, and this love list is doing just that.

If you have not looked up Bunny Suicides, do it.  They are just hilarious... obviously morbid as well but definitely to be looked at with a smile on your face.  The creator Andy Riley sure has a great imagination on him. 

I have too many wonderful thoughts speeding through my brain.  Sleeping early is never going to happen.  Do you guys have any foolproof sleeping suggestions?  My body rejects sleep like the plague. 


  1. SQueee about starting your job tomorrow! I know that first day of school feeling well. But you will be great! :)
    I love the french alphabet picture! I would put it in my baby's room. And I love the painting of the girl with the umbrella!

    1. oooh that would be soo perfect for a baby's room! i am sooo nervous about tomorrow.... trying to stay busy on the internet to not think about it !!!

  2. I love that penny bracelet! I have a box full of those from around the country. I think it's time I put them to good use!

    1. Ah Lilly ! I am cursing myself right now for having not saved all those. They have to be somewhere ! When you are done, I definitely want to see your creation :)

  3. Love the balloons picture, so pretty!



  4. i love that french alphabet! there are so many wonderful things on your blog— i can't stop scrolling!

    1. oh thank you so much :) i am glad u are enjoying it ! that means the world to me you have no idea !!!