Shoe Stretching How to

I have big feet. Well size 10. Can I help buying super cute barely worn once shoes from a thrift store? NO!

Good lord were these uncomfortable.  Not normal, I can walk around for awhile then add a band-aid uncomfortable.... these were 10 steps to a blister, 3 band-aids later, limping around uncomfortable.  This of course is not to the discredit of Bass at all.  Their shoes are known to be supportive and wonderful.  You take woven vintage leather and 1/2 a size too small, never been used and you have my predicament.  I was determined to find a remedy!  After lots of internet research this is what I found worked best.

1.  Find a pair of super thick socks.  Wet them in the places that the shoe is uncomfortable.  For me it was the heals the tips of my toes and the width (um everywhere?)
2.  Squeeze your wet thick socks into the shoes.
3.  Blow dry on high, all the spots that need attention for around 2 minutes.
4.  Walk around as long possible.  I would recommend til the socks are dry.

That's it!  The moisture plus the heat allows the leather to reform to your foot creating a custom fit.  I had to do this twice due to the ridiculousness that I started with.

All in the name of vintage cuteness!  I hope this is helpful to you.  I still have 3 pairs of vintage shoes I need to do this to ha.  When will I learn?