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Anthro Inspired Bracelet using Clipon Earrings DIY

What do you do when you score a huge amount of clip-on earrings from a garage sale? You turn them into bracelets is what. Whenever I see jewelry that looks like it should be expensive I add an extra $20.00 and think of anthropologie. I love that store, but the prices can be a little shocking. You can make bracelets out of absolutely any material you want. I choose gold chain because I am seriously lacking all things gold.

1. Bend the earring clasps backwards. This creates the perfect canvas for your creation.
2. Use a very small amount of hot glue to glue the earrings together.
3. Hot glue a small amount of felt to the back of the earrings.  This will keep the clasps from scratching at your wrist.
4. Attach chain.  You can add wire as well and then wrap floss around the wires for a different look.

This is so easy.  I am not sure about newer clip on earrings, but the old school ones generally have little holes punched into the back.  This is the perfect place to tie a knot, add a chain, crochet the ends together, or even leave free for brooch flare.    
After finishing this diy, I decided that more is always better. Since I had some additional clip-ons, they got glued on too. Use the same technique as above, just glue on in opposing directions.