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Peacock Feather Wall Decor

My walls need some work! With a 2 bedroom condo under my belt I am just too cheap to buy art for every wall... so what do we crafty people do? We create! This is an easy DIY for some mixed medium art!  I love this because it could be created to be any size your space needs.

All you need is: wire, wire cutters, a stray piece of wood and some paint.

Wire like this or any garden wire is perfect. My suggestion is around 24 gauge you so can bend at will.

Start by getting your main piece of wire for the quill portion of the feather. Wrap a few strands of wire together so that it is some what substantial.

 Cut around 100 or so 6inch pieces of wire to wrap around the quill. This will act as the feathers. I tapered mine pieces towards the bottom to give it a more real feel.

The head of the feather was a little tricky.  I just kept wrapping wire in circular patterns and connecting them with other little bits of wire.

With wire it looks slightly delicate but also kind of like a sketch drawing, so there is really no wrong way to do this.

Once the feather is complete, paint your piece of wood whatever color you please.  I also added a little bit of black paint to the wire feather to give it some depth.

Hope that you enjoy this new piece of art for your home!!