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A Weekend Story

What a wonderful weekend in such a gorgeous part of the world. Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a place I have been lucky enough to get familiar with.
Took a gamble on going to the mountains,
on the way
Cortez checked out hoof prints.
Once there we ate lots of BBQ after it smoked for 5 hours.
I found some fungi and a feather!  Continued to explore,
walked around
looked for Harry Potter; I came up empty handed,
I can't wait to go back. Sometimes it's seriously about the little things. I just happen to live in a really cool part of the world. Where is your favorite spot to visit?


  1. Oh!! Diagon Alley!! How funny is that! Damn you, Hiding Harry! Is Cortez a Red Heeler?
    Sammy, your blog is fantastic!! Thank you so much for stopping by mine, and for the follow! Following you right back, Lady! So happy to have found your blog :)
    And my favourite places to visit are the South Coast of Oz (Narooma especially) and funnily enough, the Isle of Skye, Scotland when visiting my family - it's so far away!! :(
    Sway xx

    1. Oh Sway what a beautifully nice thing to say! I appreciate it so much!! Goodness! I wish that I could say I have been to places called Narooma, it is officially on my research list. Cortez is part red heeler and we like to think part dingo. He is just the sweetest little thing ever; likes to mold himself to the position I am sleeping in and gives me snuggles. Thank you for stopping by, you are wonderful :)

  2. ...and the perfect cottage for me! Love that last photo m'dear. :) And I want to play bingo ASAP.