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Midnight Meat Train

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Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train ... hmm. Bradley Cooper was awesome. Can't say I was expecting this movie at all. Not gonna give a thing away either. Not for the squeamish that's for sure. In order to watch scary movies and be able to sleep at night I have to separate myself from the movie. In the case of this movie I will be able to sleep because I don't ride a subway that goes underground. Do you have any tricks to keep yourself from getting scared? At least the home made popcorn kept me safe. So much better than packaged! And, yes I love the burnt bits and I did it on purpose. Now to turn the lights off and keep eating the popcorn .... because I couldn't eat it during the movie. Ha. This movie is currently free on Ondemand, try it if you dare and let me know what you think.

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