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Broccoli and Siding a perfect Friday

Woah ! I don't know how people do manual labor. Today my dad and I spruced up my outside patio with some siding. He is just the best. We got saved by bad weather. I am way too tired to take an OOTD picture. Instead I made some fried tofu and broccoli. It turned out superbly! It's weird how broccoli turns into a flavor bomb when cooked just right.

Quick broccoli recipe ingredients: dried onion, garlic powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, bulgogi sauce (a korean bbq sauce) and flour.

liberal shake of garlic and onion powders
1tsp oyster sauce
2tbsp soy 1tbsp bulgogi
splash of water

Let the broccoli cook in all these flavor. When they have reached the desired texture take 1-2tbsp of flour and mix it with about 1/2cup water. Stir together and then dump on the broccoli. This will create a delicious slightly thick brown sauce. Add water to create the consistency of the sauce you like. If you find it to runny, just let it sit on the stove for a bit and the water will evaporate and thicken right up.

Now for the rest of the night I will drink coffee. Do you have some crazy Friday night plans like me ? I would love to hear about them.  Oh tomorrow there will be a new giveaway get your "join this site" on while you can.


  1. Yay for fried tofu and broccoli! Two of my favorite things... :)

    I've got my buttons up on my blog...stop by and say hi!

  2. As soon as I saw your comment I thought "oooh there is still plenty more in the fridge why isn't teleportation a real thing yet?" I would share. Thanks for the button and for stopping by !!

  3. Yum! Broccoli is my favorite! That looks really good!

  4. You guys have done a really great job on the home. Siding is definitely not
    the easiest thing to install and the heights are often dangerous.Your lines
    all look straight and I do not see any problems with it. It really looks
    great. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you have completed.

    1. thanks doyel !! the whole back porch is just about done!! believe you me, those straight lines were definitely planned ha! thanks for stopping by :)