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Weekly Wonders

Weekly Review !!

These are my favorite fajitas EVER ... recipe created by yours truly link---> fajita recipe.  I have never been into the whole low carb thing, but seeing as I forgot to buy tortillas my new experience is fajita lettuce wraps ! The extra crunch was just perfect.  I suggest using a couple pieces of lettuce so that you have something to hold onto; the chicken and veggies are hot you want to avoid droopy lettuce and burnt hands when you are taking a gigantic bite. 

 Verdict: Delicious; a little bit of an extra mess and prep but totally worth it.

I also started painting my nails this week.  GASP?!?!  Anyone else have a major problem when it comes to nail polish?  I swear if it sticks on my nails for longer than 18 hours I am doing pretty good.  Sally Hansen's Diamond strength no chip nail colors rock my world.  I have had this polish on for 5 days !! Despite the fact that it looks like a 3 year old went to town on my digits, the color is still there
Verdict: Amazing product ! I wish that it dried a bit quicker but has the staying power it promised!

I don't normally like to bash things. I know that an incredible amount of work went to creating this product. But I just can't suggest Walden Farm's Marshmallow Dip to a soul. I tried this thinking "oh hey yum could be good I'm not that picky".  The consistency is like a hair gel but slimier.  The taste is something like a chemical burn followed by licking a lemon.  Now maybe my taste buds are skewed, because this product got wonderful reviews online.  I for one will not be buying it again and am actually wondering about that 100% guarantee. 
Verdict: My dreams of eating spoonfuls of 0 calorie deliciousness have been squashed.  I tried it again right before writing this and almost cried. I will be seriously considering a refund. Ick.

Has anyone else had a different experience with Walden Farms?  I would be willing to give another of their products a shot... but it may take a while.  Are there any products you recommend?  I would love to give them a try.

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