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Handmade spool beads

This is a fun one ! You will need wooden spools, paint and string.

1. Start out by deciding what type of color scheme you want for your necklace. I obviously decided on pink and black.
2. I would recommend starting with the ends first. Dip or paint your beads into the black paint.
3. After allowing paint to completely dry, paint a thick line of your beads primary color. I used 2-3 coats.
4. For a bit more of a handmade touch I looped around embroidery string. Tie embroidery string off.
5. Spray all your beads with clear coat. This makes the beads nice and shiny as well as ensures that the string will stick in place.
6. Thread those beads

Unique and fun !  Go ahead make them in every color, your neck and your outfits won't be sorry.

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