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La Tour Eiffel

All the pretty things to take photos of in Paris and I choose to use all my digital film on birds hahaha. I seriously took 20 pictures of that little bird in the water, I think that I love him. The architecture here is so beautiful and unique it's crazy to think that it was built centuries ago. Also quite weird to see a tan building; almost seems out of place. No one probably expected the pollution to turn all the stone black over the years. French onion soup in france! Bahaha, had to. There is also a very good reason as to why we call them french fries... omg so good. Not sure if you can see it, but the tree with the purple flowers has literally woven itself around the metal gates likes a tapestry. Too awesome, what we can't accomplish nature takes care of. We have been walking about 10 miles a day. I think judging from how my shirt is fitting that it is not enough! Ha! That or I need to eat 1 less tarte aux framboise everyday. Heading out now to see if I can catch any more little french birdies. Don't forget about the giveaway ;)


  1. I giggled when I read that bit about taking so many snaps of birds in Paris! I did the same thing; came home with Parisian pigeons in a lot of my shots!
    I walked more than ever in Paris, but I still came home 5lbs heavier - it could be the daily ingestion of croissants & baguettes, I suppose! c'est la vie! :)

  2. Oh man me too !! We walked like 10 miles a day or something ... still 5lbs heavier when i came back. totally worth it with all the delicious things i ate.... c'est la vie indeed !!! glad u had an awesome time in paris too, everyone should be required to go as a part of life.