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Galeries Lafayette

We are starting to slow down a bit. All the walking gets a little intense. I figure for every step I get another bite of baguette though, so that's not the worst deal in the world. Everything is beyond gorgeous. We went to the Galleries Lafayette which is like the biggest store in Paris. Think of an entire 5 story mall that is 1 store. The dome with the stained glass is from the Galleries. Each level has something different to offer when you entire the bit where they have food you are greeted with the smell of all those beautiful herbs and spices. For some reason there are sales happening right now. Normally in France nothing is on sale all year except for 2-4 weeks in June where literally everything goes on sale; sometimes up to 90% off.
The food is just sooooo good. We haven't really been eating in any sit down places. Everything that you get at the grocery store tastes a zillion times better than anything available in the states. No chemical additives to achieve a "strawberry" like flavor. Instead it is real strawberries, real chocolate, real cream. I am not picky normally, but I sure can taste the difference between real food and ... well crap. But dundunduuuuun do you see that picture literally 1 block that has Mcdonald's, Starbucks and a Chipotle.  I didn't even think Chipotle was all over the United States let alone Europe.  I might have to eat more before France is consumed by commercialism too.
It has been a bit cloudy, I an enjoying the weather. Seems a tad more romantic. I have noticed that men are SUPER attentive to females here. They always have an arm around the girl, kissing her face, holding her hand. It's really cute. Might have to put that into action when I get home haha. Hope that everyone has a very nice Tuesday. Remember to sign up for the site as there will be a very nice french goody bag for the winner of the giveaway. Love.

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