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Golden Roses Luxury Inspired DIY

I always have so much fun when I start to work with Sculpey Clay.  The possibilities are literally endless and so are the colors, it's a cheap staple from Michaels

To make the gold pieces, roll your clay into a cylinder and cut out notches Smoosh and use a tooth pick to smooth out the edges. Once baked you can take a piece of sand paper and smooth it out further.

A quick google search on "how to make clay roses" will fix you up if you have never made them before. Personally I think they tend to look a little bit more vintage if you make the clay thinner on the edges of the petals. Once your rose is formed cut the base off so it will lay flat. Bake all clay per the directions on the package.

To enhance the gold pieces I painted them in an antique gold acrylic, this also helped them to look more uniformed. Take a piece of felt or faux leather and hot glue your clay pieces to the felt. I enjoy this design because despite the delicate nature it is quite versatile, and can be worn with almost any outfit. Add a chain and you are done!

What other food techniques have you used to enhance your jewelry ? Fondant roses anyone ?

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