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Fan Globe Revamp DIY

My mama is redoing her room. She wanted to add a little pizzazz to the lighting. We bought a typical fan with a globe. We decided hot glue and accent stones would be perfect. I know you have seen these at the store... flat on one side round on the other, also great for magnets and pendants..

 This is super easy. Just get your hot glue.... hot. Create a pattern or design with the accent rocks and get to gluing.  Leave room for the knob at the bottom of the globe.  It's a crucial step so that the lamp pulls will have space to come out.

For my house I would skip the bits of yellow, but for her room it's divine ! Can you imagine these beautiful royal blue gems strategically place instead ?  I swoon.  You can also buy table scatter at Michaels don't forget your 40% off coupon that is readily available through their website.  I am incredibly guilty of hoarding my table scatter ha.