Create a Button Tree - Earring Storage and Decor


So many earrings in my life !  Lets get them all rounded up. For this you will need a block of wood, hot glue, crafting wire, wire cutters, paint and buttons you can grab a big bag from Amazon here.

1. Start cutting your crafting wire. My tree is about 1 foot 5 inches tall. Cut crafting wire approximately 2 feet long. Due to the amount of buttons I wanted on my tree I cut 39 of these.
2. Twist bundles of wire for your branches.  As you can see bundles of 3 provided good support for the earring weight. Spread bundle out on end.
3. Attach button to each "tree branch".
4. Grab all the branches and bundle them together. Take more craft wire and wrap the bottom till it appears trunk like.
5. I painted the wood green and hot glued the "trunk" to the base.

Vintage buttons would add an entirely different feel to the design and you could add anything to the base to match your home decor ... seashells for the bathroom with nautical buttons?

Hope you enjoyed this !! Super fun and easy.  I would suggest using gloves while wrapping the wire as it can get a little pokey.  One day I may make a mini version of this wire tree for a brooch or even a necklace charm.

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