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A Plaided Dress

I love Talbots This love affair started about 2 years back when I had literally no summer clothes and I saw a 60% off sign in a window.

Their clothes are so classy, and absolutely one of the best brand for well made items.  I have never been disappointed with fit, or style or wear-ability.  I had my eye on this dress for around 3 months, but with a $200.00 price tag it was out of my budget.  Well patience pays off!  I snagged this dress for $40.00 during their 80% of sale items sale, which is still going on mind you.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a brand you previously viewed as "mom-ish" or out of your age range?


  1. This dress is gorgeous, and looks spectacular on you! So awesome that you were able to get such a deal on it!

    1. thank you !! :) i really love it too, makes things sooo much better when you can afford them haha.