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Love List

Two Ingredient Recipes 3 Bizarre Combined Food
tons of picture food combos.  yum ! link
Thought Questions
some questions to ask yourself.  link
gnocchi mac and cheese ? yes please link
I don't endorse this saying but it's still pretty funny link
Amazing art.  Makes me wish red hair was easier to maintain link
How to make fake clouds...I really want these in my house link
Lausanne Castle
Sorcerer's Castle in Switzerland....why can't this be a road trip ? link
apple yumminess! def will be making this link
I am incapable of making pom-poms maybe I will conquer it with this link
Broken mirror and polyurethane so pretty but is it worth the bad luck ? link
woah so cool a list of things to make it a better world link
Conceptual art for if The Wizard of Oz was set in China.  Very cool link
Comparison of crusts and how to make them (best site I have seen can't wait to try) link

rugs made from stuffed animal skin.  can i have a blanket?! link

Dip a box or gift bag in confetti:
dip wrapped presents in confetti... we can use this all year (lots of other wrapping ideas too) link

I seriously need a pet.  link

is it safe out there? link

print old recipes on kitchen towels.  genius link

Happy Monday. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. I took a sick day today to nurse myself back to health. It has been lots of tea and other liquids. Everybody guard your lungs. Something is going around.


  1. Replies
    1. i can't lie i tried it once with string and it was a huge fail!! definitely will be trying again !

  2. those bunny outfits though! <3

    1. tell me about it, could you imagine a cute little one in that?

  3. Those bunny outfits are just entirely too cute!

  4. I want those bunny outfits! I don't want the children that go in them yet... but I want the outfits. Thanks for stopping by Raspy Wit!

    1. haha !! i know can we have them grown up size? bc there are no buns in my oven either and don't expect them anytime soon !