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Harry Potter Fetish

I will be the first person to admit that I love Harry Potter. This is not a typical post for me.... but for some reason I feel like talking about it. I began watching Harry Potter when the first movie came out in 2001. My brother is 5 years younger than I am and has been reading the phenomenon since the start. I was lucky enough to tag along for the ride.  I remember when each book came out, and he would do everything in his power to be the first to buy it, and then stay up all night reading it.  I was crazy for the movies... it was always a family event.  For some reason my family was always on vacation together when the movies came out as well, so that made them extra special.

After all those years of love for the movies, I never picked up the books.  Never, until my whole family went to watch Part 1 of The Deathly Hallows.  We were all talking about it in the car, and my mom is notoriously psychic when it comes to movie, plots, shows, bad decisions, life, room mates, relationships..... anything, literally if she says something is a bad idea and I think it's an amazing idea, I am really hard pressed to not listen because she is always right ALWAYS.  Anyways I stray, we were all asking questions guessing what would happen in part 2.  My brother with a smile says "No." to all of our questions related to what would lie ahead for Hogwarts.  Finally my mom asks the question you know the question of questions when it comes to Harry Potter... all I can say is it has to do with the Horcruxes.  My brother blinks twice, and comes out with a "no....".  I halted all conversation and practically freaked out.  Ha.  For about 2 weeks I begged my brother to tell me what was going to happen under the guise that "I wanted someone I loved to tell me the ending, before anyone else let it slip out".  He adamantly refused and told me I had to read the books.  I read all 8 of those books in less than 2 weeks hahhahaa.  I was able to watch The Deathly Hallows Part 2 as a real Harry Potter fan and it was beyond amazing.

To this day and for the last 5 years, if I am at home, I fall asleep to a Harry Potter movie.  This started when I didn't have cable, but liked the t.v on while falling asleep.   I change them out ever so often, usually each one stays in for 3-9 months and I start it over every night.  Point is, if you too like falling asleep to t.v pick something that you love.  It is also especially nice to not have to wake up for commercials, or wonder if you are missing a key element of the t.v show or new movie that you have to return in the morning.

What is your repeat offender movie?  When do you play it ?  How often do you watch it?  I would have to say that collectively I have watched Harry Potter close to 3,000 times, and probably seen the beginning credits close to 7,000 since I can never fall asleep, and inevitably restart them 2-3 times a night.  Ha rereading this, I am aware how utterly insane I may seem, but really it's all about comfort.

In case you are wondering I am currently tuned into The Chamber of Secrets, and the question that my mom asked my brother.... well she was 100% right.  


  1. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice, I can watch it 3 million times in a row and never get tired of it, and never stop feeling the things I feel when I watch it.

    1. omg this is going on my list!! can't believe i havent seen it.

  2. Harry Potter was my childhood. There are so many important memories I have that are connected to those books and movies, and I love that. I've spent midnight releases with the same two best friends for years, and I just LOVE IT. It definitely holds a special place in my heart and always will.

    I totally understand needing to fall asleep watching something. I don't need to every night, but whenever I'm having a hard time sleeping I put a disc of Supernatural episodes on. (I have almost every season on DVD, because that is my show. I have a problem...) And I'll just watch until I drift off.

    As for movies I can re-watch over and over... I can't say I've seen one thousands of times but I've seen The Brothers Bloom and The Lord Of The Rings more times than I can count.

    1. oooh brothers bloom is soo amazing! i love that movie... and lord of the rings ! absolutely.... goodness im sure you saw the hobbit, i was beyond blown away. what an amazing franchise. i just might have to go the brothers bloom right now haha... i miss that movie.

  3. So....we're best friends from now on. Haha.

    I LOVE HP. I started reading the books when I was really young and actually cried on my eleventh birthday when I didn't get a letter from Hogwarts, lol.

    I even have a HP tattoo!

    And even WEIRDER is that I used to always fall asleep to the movies! So strange!

    I'm so happy that you read the books, I think everyone who enjoys the movies should go back and read them. They've been such a special part of my life and it's so great when other people feel the same way :D just one more reason that you are awesome!!!

    1. Thanks lady! Ya I am sooo happy I read them. It was especially awesome that the last movie was the first one I saw with prior knowledge as to what was going to happen. All of a sudden I turned into that person who said "hey they missed a line and that was an integral part of the story when i read it!" What tattoo do you have? I feel like having a hp marathon today in honor of us :)