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The Cinnamon Bear

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My favorite Christmas tradition.  This was originally aired in 1937 as a radio show.  It was especially popular in the Portland, Oregon area where my dad was born in 1942.  It has been a tradition for my dad and I since I can remember.... and maybe even before that.  My grandma originally recorded the radio show on 8 tracks.  My dad later rerecorded onto another 8 track so we could have a copy.  10 years after that he transferred those recordings onto cassette.  The scratching was absolutely horrific, the voices were barely audible and the music squeak and blared with every skip of tape.  My mom and brother refused to listen to it.  This left my dad and I with 26, 15 minute episodes. One for each day between December 1st- and Christmas.  So it went for years my dad and I happily listening while my mom and brother ran for cover.  Right around 2003 inspiration struck!  There had to be a copy somewhere online right?!!?!?  Lo and behold $25.00 for 6 cds of magical Christmas cheer!  At the time my dad bought a cd player that could hold 150 cds.  To this day there are 6 cds in that thing. You can also try Ebay for memorabilia.

The story goes, Judy and Jimmy are missing their Silver Star that belongs on the top of the Christmas Tree.  After the Cinnamon Bear teaches them to "degrow" they fly a golden airplane ornament into Maybeland to track down the Crazy Quilt Dragon who has stolen their star!  Many, many characters and songs and trials and adventure later, will they ever get their silver star back in time for Christmas?

I can't wait to go home again and listen to it!  Brings a huge smile to my face just thinking about it.