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Nom nom Spring Rolls

Yum ! If you are lucky like me and have a very old crock pot, it can be made into a deep fryer ! Just take that main cauldron out and add oil.

For these spring rolls, a mixture of ground meat, garlic, fish sauce, napa cabbage, peanuts, noodles, pepper, and soy was used. Really you can use anything though. We even made a few spring rolls using left over green chili (amazing). Make sure your rolls are nice and tight so they don't burst in the fryer. Fold them with a point towards you, not like a burrito. Fry till golden brown and enjoy.

I never ever fry things but this was definitely worth it especially if you can fry outside haha.  I don't know that the mess would have ever been gone otherwise.  

What have you tried lately that's a little out of your norm?

Had a bit of an emotional week, but I am back to my normal blogging schedule.  Thank you all for sticking with me. :)


  1. oh my those look yummy! I have an old crock pot, I must try this frying thing!

  2. Ooohhhh my!! These look delicious Sammy! Is it odd that I never thought to use my old crock pot?! How embarrassing haha! Thanks for the tip, Hun. I'll definitely be trying these out!
    Sway xxxx

    1. Ya I was sooo surprised it worked. I would definitely recommend frying outside if at all possible. The mess was unreal ha.