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little spot behind my favorite pho place
motivation for creativity
brie wrapped in pastry that never made it to the inside of my stomach
random findings outside a bar
more motivation to create again
I am so beyond terrible at taking instagram pics ! This was a bit from my week and past weeks. I will try to get better at snapping the random I swear.

I need your opinions once again ladies. What all do you use as far as a tablet? I really want something that I can pretend to doodle on, have a few apps and basically use for blogging. Of course an ipad is an option, but seeing as I don't know how to draw, buying an $800.00 erasable piece of paper seems a tad ridiculous. Any and all opinions are welcome. Love you guys.


  1. Your instagrams aren't terrible!!! May I ask what happened with the brie pastry? Ryan tried to make one very similar one night and it fell apart.
    I am researching tablets too! I can't help but want an ipad too but I'm just clueless other than that.

    1. oh it actually turned out wonderfully. Used a round pyrex glass bowl type thing that was almost the exact same size as the brie and pastry dough. probably really helped to keep it together. drama ensued and i didn't go into my kitchen for about a week, so it went out with the trash, unfortunately.
      agh ! if i find anything other than an ipad that seems like it is worth our while, i will definitely let you know :)

  2. Awww I love your doggie. Pitbulls are just big old babies aren't they? That car is amazing too! I don't know much about tablets. I basically use my phone as one and love it (I've got a Galaxy Note- best phone ever!).

    1. ya they are !! this one isn't mine; unfortunately i am sans pet. Good friends let me play with their loved ones though. I think i read that in the 18th century pitbulls were actually used as nanny dogs for infants... weird concept for nowadays. i always just think they look like crazy little seals.