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Edible Ornaments

Whip this up with some 2 bite brownies, frosting, rolo candies, sprinkles and ribbon.

So simple. Frost your brownies. Add a dab of extra icing on the top of each brownie. Curl your ribbon, and smoosh it in the extra frosting at the top. Place a rolo candy at the top to secure the ribbon and give it the appearance of an ornament.  Add sprinkles for extra sparkle.

The 2 bite brownies are the perfect size for "ornaments".  I tried almost this exact same thing with cookies, but with the size of the cookies and the amount of frosting needed looked like a 3 year old went to town with finger paints.... not at all the look I was going for.  

This is perfect if you want to bring something unique and simple to a little party.  Takes seriously 5 minutes, tastes delicious and oh so cute.

I hope that everyone is getting to spend time with their loved ones this holiday season.  This is the best time of the year!! 


  1. That's too cute and looks really yummy too!

    1. unfortunately the brownies were a little freezer burned ekkkk!!! but they looked just fine ;)